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Praised by reviewers as a tremendously talented author, Phyllis Lawson invites us to join her as she unveils a history of hushed bloodlines. In her book Quilt of Souls, she lets us rediscover powerful, intense, poignant stories of a time and place that got swept under the carpet. 

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Four-year-old Phyllis was plucked off her front porch from the only family she knew and was transported to the doorstep of her grandmother Lula. Born in Sandersville, Mississippi, Lula later moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where she worked as a domestic and quilter. Through oral tradition, she told the young Phyllis the tragic stories of her ancestors. 

The quilt was a family heirloom that Lula made out of the clothing of long-lost loved ones who died in the face of extreme bigotry and racism. Each piece of cloth woven into the quilt had the blood, sweat, and tears of black people who fought against the unconscionable injustices back then. The weaving of their clothing into a quilt mended each broken life back together with each pull of the thread.  

The Book That the World Needs to Have

Untold Stories of the Brave Black Women Revealed

Quilt of Souls is about the strength of black women who prevailed before and after the turn of the century. They are a demographic that has gone unrecognized, with no celebration of the lives they endured and upheld.

These women were quilt makers, laundresses, and butter churners whose untold stories are revealed in this book. It tells of how they raised their children and grandchildren during the difficult times.

Let Their Voice Be Heard

Out of the grave agony of despair comes healing for many generations. No matter your race or ethnicity, this book will break your heart wide open, make you laugh, and make your heart swell with hope and resilience.

Learn about the taboo subjects that were only heard in whispers during that era by reading the book. With its complexities and intricacies of the quilt as physical object and its metaphorical stand, the Quilt of Souls is a book that needs to be brought to the forefront. Contact us in Melbourne, Florida to get your copy now.


Absolutely must read for anyone who enjoys history (His-Story)

Having grown up in a family of various races and coming from other countries. I fell in love with this book. It took me back to a time of my grandparents house in the carribean, to read these stories brought back my own grandparents in vivid color. It will eventually become a classic to be read in schools I hope. It tells not only of the pain of a small black girl, but the pain of every family as they struggle through life. Children growing up in various homes and cast aside like old shoes. How poverty doesn't really matter if you have someone to love you completely and unconditionally.

You will laugh, you will cry and I promise you, you will smell the scents of your own grandmothers fried chicken, the sounds of the screen door slamming on the porch and the heat of a summer day in the south when you want nothing more than to be lazy and swing on the porch because the air makes it too hot to move.

Phyllis is a tremendously talented author. It is my all time favorite book. Don't hesitate to purchase it, just buy it now and sit outside and enjoy the breeze while you pass the time listening to her life story.”

- Rated 5 Stars by renee on May 7, 2015

Soulful story of Love, Hardships & Success

I read this book several months ago and hadn't had time to write a review of it. But I guess I wasn't worried as it seemed that via social media the news was spreading rapidly about how wonderful this 'true' story was.

I'd recommend this book to anybody of any age, any sex, or any ethnic group. It's one thing when you fall in love with characters from a fictional book. But these people in Quilt of Souls were real and so amazing.

I found myself wishing that I had grown up with Phyllis Lawson and that I had lived with her grandma too. She seems like such a wise and loving woman. Nonetheless it took me back to my childhood and I could really identify with her and some of her experiences while living with her grandparents. It was just a complete joy to read and I wish for 2 things in the future.

1. That a movie be made out of this book

2. That there might be a sequel to the book

The book (as I'm sure you've read from previous reviews) is about a quilt that the grandmother made using pieces of cloth from people's clothing that she had in a bag. As she sewed & pieced together the quilt - she told little Phyllis stories about the people from who the clothing belonged. Those people became alive in Phyllis's mind even though she had never met those people in person.

I don't know what it's like being an African American and growing up in the 50s, 60s, all the way to now. The only way I can sort of know is to read books like this and educate myself through their eyes. My own experiences in life are from being a white child and adult growing up in those times. Yet, for some reason I've always felt like living with African Americans would have been better for me. I can't explain it that.

If I could get everyone to read this book, I would. There is not one thing about the book that I didn't like and I'm very picky. It held my interest enough to keep me up late reading, not wanting to put it down. And after it was done, I wanted more. That feeling of wishing a book didn't have to end is rare. For an author to evoke such feelings in a person is quite an achievement. I write too - but I honestly doubt that my stories would have that effect.”

- Rated 5 Stars by Sophie Shopper on November 9, 2015

This book is a great read. Easy to follow because I am from ...

This book was sent to me for Christmas by a close friend, who is also a relative of Phyllis. This book is a great read. Easy to follow because I am from Alabama and my mother was a quilter, I have many of her quilts. The stories Lula told her granddaughter was heart warming, funny and sad. You find yourself laughing at some of the characters and crying over others. Well read it again.”

- Rated 5 Stars by Amazon Customer on January 27, 2016

This is a worthy "must read" book...

Phyllis Lawson tells of a frightened young child being ripped from everything familiar, and it's the best thing that could have to happen to her. "Quilt of Souls" reveals a steady hero who is like the thread that binds. Sturdy and resilient—like many a work mended—a grandmother nourishes the one torn away from sisters and brothers (for convenience sake). That's why a hearty country lifestyle becomes increasingly endearing. Meanwhile, fabric-pieces incrementally taken from a "bag of rags" prompt regaling of former wearers' inspiring, infuriating, endearing, historical—and even comical—life events. The masterpiece's completion finds rough edges patiently and smoothly tailored by a seamstress that insists on forgiveness, in spite of many wrongs suffered. This is a worthy "must read" book.”

- Rated 5 Stars by Valerie Ann Bruce on January 26, 2016

My favourite book of the year!

I bought this book to read while on holiday, I couldn't put it down! I almost felt as though I was sitting alongside Phyllis while she listened to Grandma Lula tell her about the history of each piece of fabric and who they had belonged to. It was funny, sad but most of all an extremely well-written book of memories of a childhood that was so different to my own. I shall be buying the book for my daughter and I just know that I shall read it again very soon. Well done Phyllis on your first book, I hope we get to read more about Grandma Lula very soon!”

- Rated 5 Stars by Mrs. P. A. Manning on December 18, 2015

A beautifully written autobiographical history of a family in the deep South. Highly recommended.

I read this and, once started, I found it impossible to drop. Phyllis Lawson writes beautifully, from an extremely interesting autobiographical viewpoint. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of the deep South and I would very much like to read more from her.”

- Rated 5 Stars by Mrs. L. Battersby on August 8, 2015